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2008-03-08 04:41:16 by gozesG

Hello Newgrounders!!

I'm now busy with my new flash and what I told you in the older post, Grumble and Grump must have to wait! I'm busy with a new flash, And I'm putting all my skills in it. It will be much and much better than my other flashes. As you can read in the title.. my new flash will be a Hitman movie! It's based on Hitman Blood Money, wonderfull game! I bought it like two years ago, and it's still one of my favorite games.. That's what gave me the idea to make a flash about it..

It also have a couple of original Hitman soundtracks, what will make the movie very cool. It'll take a lot time to finish it, and I'm exited to do that..

Of course Hitman and all the characters and music belongs to Eidos and IO interactive. You can see this as a free promotion!

Zolder Productions.



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