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2008-03-18 12:36:32 by gozesG

And another new production team is born: Da Hook Flash arts! I'm very proud of it, and you'll all see the logo in my upcoming movie Hitman. That Da Hook is born, means that Zolder productions, a production team that only remains by one person(me), is no more. I made El chupacabra, G&g 1 and 2 under that name. But my newest movie Hitman, is made by Da Hook!! I'm proud of it that I'm the head of Da Hook. I'll make a website, that you can visit: (I'm from the Netherlands, that's the reason why it's .nl) On the site there won't only be flash animation and games, but there would also be a lot of artwork and storyboards and stuff. In the first couple of weeks of the site, we want that talented people who are interested in flash, comics, or just drawing, can post his work. The best comic, flash art and other artwork will be chosen and will all recieve a special place in the archive of the site!

S. Goos

Da Hook FA


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2008-03-24 16:52:56

hi saw your hitman movie..... where did you get the sounds???

By the way the movie was really good


2008-03-25 17:31:15

thanks man!!!!!!